Pest Control Tips & FAQ

  1. Q: Are the products used dangerous to kids and pets?

    A: All of our service professionals have been trained on the proper application of materials to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your family and pets.

  2. Q: How do I know if I need professional help?

    A: If you have even a slightly visible problem then you have a problem. Pest management professionals are educated, trained and certified to handle the specific pest issues that you will encounter in and around your home.

  3. Q: How long do I have to leave the premises?

    A: You can usually stay home during the treatment but we recommend that you vacate your premises while the treatment is carried out and to ventilate the rooms thoroughly after completion for 3 hours before settling back in.

  4. Q: What about pets and children?

    A: Children need to leave during the treatment and may return 2-3 hours after completion. We ask that during treatments, you either put your pets in a room that is not being treated or remove them from the structure until the materials we have used are dry. Fish tanks need to be covered.

  5. Q: How Do I Know if I Have Bed Bugs?

    A: If you are noticing a sweet smell in a room, strange itchy red marks on your body and/or blood spots on your bed sheets, you most likely are dealing with an infestation of bed bugs.

  6. Q: What Can I Do to Control Pigeons?

    A: The most effective way to prevent pigeons from nesting or loafing in a particular area is to install exclusionary measures such as netting or bird spikes. Bird spikes are those prickly pieces of metal that are attached to a window sill, over a doorway, or other area where pigeons may be gathering. The spikes are designed to make it uncomfortable for pigeons to build nests or just hang out in the area.

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